Workplace pensions can be daunting

Small businesses and charities need to set up a qualifying workplace pension for their employees. Let us help!

What does it mean for you

  • Auto-enrolment is a UK Government initiative to help people save for retirement through a pension scheme at work.
  • As an employer you’ll need to set up a workplace pension scheme and pay a percentage of each employee’s earnings into it weekly or monthly.

In practice it can be confusing

  • Google ‘auto-enrolment’ and you’ll see how much information is out there.
  • What’s more, The Pensions Regulator fines businesses that don’t comply.
  • For a small business or charity with less than 50 employees, the fine could be up to £500 a day.
  • The Pensions Regulator can also make you backdate any late pension contributions - for you AND your employees.

We keep things simple for you

  • Relax. With our online guided solution ‘FastTrack’ you can get started straight away.


Click the link below to find out what you should know before you get started.

Find out more

What do you need to provide?


To get started all you need to know is your ‘staging date’. That is the date when new auto-enrolment laws apply to your business. You can find it here, using your PAYE reference number. Then you are ready to begin. 

Spread your costs and save time


Remember you can start as far in advance as you like with us. This can help spread the costs and resource time. You can save and return any time. Alternatively, if you have left it late and need to do something today, we can help you with that as well.

If you still want to find out a bit more, read our auto-enrolment guides for small businesses and charities.

“It’s an excellent product, especially for clients who do everything ‘last minute’. I am glad to have it in the armoury.”


Keith Mason, Barnes Roffe LLP