Do your clients need a workplace pension?

If you need a quick and easy way to help your clients set up a pension, look no further. We provide unlimited support/assets at no cost to you.

Supporting your clients

Looking after clients is a full time job. Pensions auto-enrolment is now another thing to add to the list, so we have created a quick and easy way for your clients to set up pension with Standard Life or The People’s Pension. We do the pension set up and you support your client, without breaking any rules.

Have a look at our Business Partner Toolkit, it shows the support you will receive from us including: free training, staging date timeline planner and a detailed email communication plan.

Together we will help you segment your clients into those who are exempt, those who need help at the lowest cost and any who might need advice. We have a solution for all your clients, from free to fee.

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Business Partner Toolkit

How does it work?

  • There’s a ‘hands on’ role, where you can get more involved and help your client with the various steps.
  • Or you can let you client complete it all themselves.
  • Whichever you choose, we have broken it down into 3 steps, which are easy to follow.

Step 1. Kick start their pension

Help your client set up a quality workplace pension with either Standard Life or The People’s Pension. Your client will be required to fill in this information.

  • First we ask some basics about your client’s employees’ pay;
  • then we help them to choose the right employer contributions; and
  • guide them towards the pension that matches the needs of their business and workforce

Step 2. Finalising their pension

We finalise the pension scheme. Again, you can assist your client, or they can do this part themselves. You know them best to know what’s right.

  • We’ll explain how your client auto-enrols their employees into the workplace pension.
  • We’ll guide you through what needs to be done to finish setting up their pension.
  • Then we’ll check that everything meets the new law and nothing’s missed out.

Step 3. Their pension is up and running

We finish setting up your pension and  make sure you keep to the auto-enrolment rules every pay-run.


We finalise the pe
  • We’ll work with the chosen pension provider to ensure their pension is set up properly.
  • Just as importantly, we’ll make sure they (or you) are ready to process pension payments each time payroll comes round.
  • Your clients will benefit from a personalised action planner. It'll set out what needs to be done and when; ensuring compliance.  

But don't just take our word for it, see what others had to say about us:

"We are constantly impressed by the knowledge and professionalism displayed by Enrolsme and would not hesitate to recommend Enrolsme to any business."

Elizabeth Crowther-Hunt, Westminster Business Council

“Beautifully presented. Clear layout of information at every step.”

Christopher Michael, Christopher Michael Chartered Accountants

Our fees are fixed and simple.

Nothing to pay until your client decides to set up their pension through us, using FastTrack

  • Fixed fees, two single payments.
  • No hidden charges or commission.


Let them choose the right support


What your clients pay

At the end of Step 1 - £495 (scheme design fee)
At the end of Step 2 - £995 (application fee)

TOTAL - £1,490 (plus VAT)

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Basic support £5 per month

Extra support £25 per month

Best suited to: those who need minimal help and who have an accountant or payroll provider doing the assessment and communications for you.

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Best suited to: those who want a guided process, a friendly voice on the phone or a few nudges to check everything is done correctly and ongoing.

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Just remember...

We work closely with accountants, bookkeepers, solicitors, payroll companies and HR advisers and with more than 1 million small businesses putting a workplace pension scheme in place for the first time, we know you’ll be on the front line for questions from your clients.