Auto-enrolment for charities

Need a quick, easy way to set up a pension? We specialise in helping charities to set up their pension with unlimited support.

We have strong links and a commitment to the charity sector

In fact, we are a corporate partner of ACEVO. And our parent company Foster Denovo, currently works with 160+ charities, advising many on their pension and employee benefits. So you can be rest assured that we understand many of the issues that affect charities. And if that wasn’t enough, Foster won the 2015 Charity Times award for the outstanding work performed in the auto-enrolment arena specifically for the charity sector.

So how does it work?

‘FastTrack’ is our jargon-free online solution to auto-enrolment and it helps you set up a quality workplace pension for your charity in only three steps: We can help you set up your workplace pension provided you don’t already have a pension in place and your payroll is paid either weekly or monthly.

Step 1: Kick start your pension

  • First we ask some basics about your employees’ pay;
  • then we help you through picking your contributions; and
  • guide you towards the pension that matches the needs of your charity and employees, which can be either Standard Life or The People’s Pension.

Step 2: You’re on track

  • Explain how you auto-enrol your employees into the workplace pension;
  • click by click, we’ll help you gather up all the information you need to finish setting up your pension; and
  • then we’ll check that everything meets the new law and nothing’s missed out.

Step 3: You’re up and running

  • We’ll liaise with your chosen pension provider to ensure your pension is set up properly;
  • and make sure you’re ready to process pension payments each time payroll comes round;
  • going forward, you’ll have a personalised action planner to refer to which will tell you exactly what to do and when. This will help ensure you remain compliant with the UK auto-enrolment legislation.

Click the link below to find out what you need know before you get started.

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What you pay, what you get and when

As a charity you need to keep costs under tight control.

  • Our fees are fixed and easy to understand.
  • There are absolutely no hidden charges or commission.
  • There’s nothing to pay until you decide to set up your pension through us.
  • If you’re not happy at the end of Step 2 we'll give you your money back.

What you pay  

At the end of Step 1 - £ 495 (scheme design fee)
At the end of Step 2 - £ 995 (application fee)

TOTAL - £1,490 (plus VAT)

Click here to find out what you get for your money.

Choose the right support for you:

Basic: No charge

Use Enrolsme to get set up. After that you can ‘fly solo’.

Extra: £50 per month

Use Enrolsme to get set up. Every year we’ll send you a report on your scheme and fund performance. The Pension Regulator calls it “Scheme Governance”. We call it peace of mind.

Expert: £199 per month

Use Enrolsme Premier if you’d like all the benefits of Essential PLUS the added reassurance of your own named account manager to answer any queries you may have. And you can downgrade to Essential at any time.

Not forgetting your pension contributions

Remember, these prices don’t include the actual pension contributions you’ll be paying for your employees. And they don’t include the things pension providers call “admin fees”.

With Enrolsme’s calculator we can work these out for you.  

To calculate this, you will need to access FastTrack and go to step 1.2. You won’t need to log in.

How can I find out my pension contribution options?

“Enrolsme is very clear and focused, thank you.”


Stuart Palmer, Five Talents UK