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Why Enrolsme?


What happens when I get started?


If you’re up to speed on auto-enrolment, skip this bit.

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But if you’re a little in the dark, the answers here will tell you what auto-enrolment means for your business and how we can help.

Do I have to set up a pension?

If your organisation has more than one UK-based employee, then the answer’s ‘yes’. You have to set up a workplace pension and it has to meet The Pensions Regulator’s rules.

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I employ more than one person, so when do I have to set up a pension?

The Pensions Regulator sets the date when the auto-enrolment law is switched on for your business. It’s called your ‘staging date’. Everything you read about auto-enrolment is likely to talk about staging dates at some point. You have to know your staging date before you can set up a workplace pension that meets the auto-enrolment laws.

How do I know when the law’s switched on for my business?

If The Pensions Regulator has sent you a letter about your staging date, that’s the date you have to be ready. If you haven’t got a letter yet, you soon will. Either way, the sooner you get a pension in place that you can switch on, the easier everything’s going to be.

And you can get going here, today.

I don’t know when my staging date is – what should I do?

1. Firstly, you will need your PAYE reference. Not sure how to find it? It’ll be on a P6/P9 coding notice or on your white payslip booklet P30BC.
2. Got your PAYE reference? Now find your staging date by clicking here.

Don't stress

It’s important to know your staging date and it’s easy to find. But if getting your PAYE reference takes you away from the screen, and you just want to crack on, don’t worry.

You can give us your staging date later.

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What if I do nothing?

The law says you have to set up a pension that fits the new rules within the deadlines. If you don’t, The Pension Regulator can fine you up to £500 a day!

Why Enrolsme?

How can I trust Enrolsme to help me set up the right pension?

We’ve condensed all the expertise of our workplace pension advisers into an easy-to-follow online tool specially designed for small businesses and charities.

Enrolsme comes from multi-award winners

Foster Denovo, IFA of the Year in 2013. 

So we know our payroll, pensions, rules and regulations.


Best Auto-enrolment AwardMoney marketing Winner 2014Corporate Adviser Awards 2014Employee Benefits Awards

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We’ve partnered with industry leaders

A choice of top pension providers
We've teamed up with two industry-leading pension providers so you can give your workers a high quality pension they can trust.

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Payroll systems – we’ve got it covered

We can help set you up, whatever payroll package you use

If you use leading providers like Sage or Iris for your payroll, they have auto-enrolment modules you can buy that are 100% compatible with both Standard Life and The People's Pension already. Payroll does the number crunching and gives you a file to upload into the pension scheme.

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100% compatibility

If you use someone else, they might have a module you can buy to help with auto-enrolment to do the number crunching, it’s best to check with them and to find out if they work with Standard Life and The People’s Pension.

If not, you can use the tools on offer by the pension scheme, they will do the number crunching for you if you upload your data to them (we have a file checking tool to help you with that in the FastTrack).
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We quickly guide you through the set-up process one click at a time

And if you ever get stuck there’s extra help on screen.

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And we’re at the end of the phone on 0843 459 3099*, so you’re never alone.

*Calls cost 7p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge.

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"This is a huge relief - I'm basically considering this crossed off my to do list. I was feeling sick with worry and now I feel okay!"

Lucy Carter, Sound Seekers

What happens when I click 'Get started for free'?

You’ll begin your Enrolsme journey

We call it FastTrack because it gets you up and running really quickly.

We've broken it up into 3 easy steps:

1. Kick start your pension

2. You're on track

3. You're up and running

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Step One


No obligation and completely free

We've teamed up with two industry-leading pension companies who provide pensions designed for small businesses like yours.

So you can choose between Standard Life and The People's Pension.

We make it easy
-- first we ask some basics about your employees’ pay;
-- then we guide you through contributions; and
-- help you pick the pension that matches the needs of your workforce


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Payment 1

Ready to go ahead with Enrolsme? If so, this is where we ask for £495 one-off payment.


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Step Two


-Click by click, we’ll help you gather up all the information you need to go ahead. (Yes, there’s some admin, but together we’ll work as an online team.)
-Then we’ll check that everything meets the new law and nothing’s missed out.


You could call this bit ‘getting your ducks in a row’.

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Payment 2

That’s all the getting-ready done.
This is the last time we ask you for set up money.
£995 one-off payment


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Step Three



We get your scheme set up.
And make sure you’re ready to process pension payments each time payroll comes round.
We’ll tell you exactly what to do and when, all itemised on your customised action planner.